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(140) CURSED MONEY [Dionero Madito] (1979) Sergio Garrone
(140) CURSED MONEY [Dionero Madito] (1979) Sergio Garrone


also known as KILLER'S GOLD and VIOLENT ARM OF THE UNDERWORLD [Il Braccio Violento della Mala]

director Sergioi Garrone (as Willy Regan)
Alberto Dell'Acqua (as Robert Widmark) · Daniela Giordano · Dan Forrest · Max H. Boulois · Víctor Israel


Sergio Garrone was one of the top five masters in the Spaghetti Western genre (based on his films DJANGO THE BASTARD, NO ROOM TO DIE, VENDETTA AT DAWN, NO GRAVES ON BOOT HILL, et al). Therefore, it's no coincidence that this film is - in fact - a Spaghetti Western in a gangster/crime attire. But ultimately, the major difference is the amount of sleaze found here. For the story, gangster boss Morgan (Victor Israel) hires a safecracker named Joseph (Robert Widmark) for a complex robbery of a luxurious villa. After the seamless jewelry heist, Morgan decides not to share the loot with Joseph and have him killed instead. This leads to an adrenaline death match among all the players.

During the Golden Age of Italian Cult Cinema (1965-1985), it seems that a director's key to success was being named Sergio. Of course, the 'Sergio' granddaddy was Sergio Leone (eg, GOOD, BAD AND THE UGLY, ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST, et al), but when it comes to classic genre films who could ignore Sergio Corbucci (DJANGO), Sergio Bergonzelli (BLOOD DELIRIUM), Sergio Martino (TORSO), Sergio Sollima (BIG GUNDOWN), or Sergio Garrone (the aforementioned DJANGO THE BASTARD). Garrone would usually sign his films as 'Willy Regan' [notable exceptions would be the two Klaus Kinski horror movies LOVERS OF THE MONSTER and THE HAND THAT FEEDS THE DEAD which were issued as Sergio Garrone]. In 1989, after writing and directing HELL BEHIND BARS, Garrone retired from the entertainment business to open a chain of restaurants in Italy.



An Italian film in English language; widescreen format,
uncut version (86 min.), DVD encoded for ALL REGION NTSC, playable on any
American machine. Extras include selected Sergio Garrone theatrical trailers.

Graphic Violence/Sexual Brutality/Nudity/Drugs
Recommended for Mature Audiences

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