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CRIME IN RED LIGHTS (2005) XXX Valentine Demy hardcore
CRIME IN RED LIGHTS (2005) XXX Valentine Demy hardcore

This is a XXX Hardcore Production. The film, including images and description on this page... for ADULTS ONLY


Original Italian Title: DELITTO A LUCI ROSSE [Crimes in Red Lights]
also known as CRIME IN RED LIGHTS

director: Morris Mogli
starring: Valentine Demy (Valentine Demi) · Lisa Rizzoli · Sabrina Mori · Andrea Nobili · Fausto Moreno


Not to be confused with Pasquale Fanetti's excellent erotic thriller CRIMES IN A RED LIGHT, this is a XXX hardcore production starring genre starlet Valentine Demy. The film is gonzo-style graphic sex with a sliver of plot. The story deals with a model named Lisa who decides to start making hardcore films but she is killed by producer Andrea during her audition. A (girl)friend [played by Valentine] is distraught over Lisa's death and takes it upon herself to investigate. Upon collecting clues - usually after sexual quid-pro - she finds herself ready to take revenge against the producer.

Born Marisa Parra in 1963, she was a bodybuilding model who changed her name to 'Valentine Demy' [inspired by the erotic comic character VALENTINA created by Guido Crepax]. She was discovered by director Mario Gariazzo who introduced her to Joe D'Amato for his film HOT VOODOO AFTERNOON. That led her to more demanding projects like Ricardo Sesani's LAST EMOTION which set the stage for her work with Lorenzo Onorati (ROSE BLU LIGHT and FEMME). Eventually, as she aged, the parts became less desirable. After finding herself in a relatively inconsequential role for Frank Di Niro's LOLITA FOREVER, Valentine Demy decided to plunge into hardcore porn. She made a slight alteration to her last name [changing it from Demy to Demi] and became a new European adult film star.


An Italian hardcore (XXX) film with English subtitles; widescreen format, uncut (104 minutes)


Explicit Sex (XXX)/Male and Female Nudity/Violence
for Adult Audiences Only

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