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Chinese Ghost Story Trilogy (1989-93) Triple Feature
Chinese Ghost Story Trilogy (1989-93) Triple Feature

Three Disc Package includes 3 movies:

director: Ching Siu-Tung
producer: Tsui Hark
(all three films)

[1] starring Leslie Cheung Joey Wang Wu Ma - Perhaps the greatest of all the HK fantasy/horror movies, telling the story of a human hopelessly in love with a beautiful ghost. This film is a MUST for fans of Asian cinema. (1987)

[2] starring Leslie Cheung Joey Wang Jacky Cheung - A true sequel. Joey Wang returns as the ghost and Leslie Cheung, once again, is Ning, the hapless hero. The film begins with the words "The Story Continues" ...and it's packed full of great FX, including a giant centipede monster at the conclusion and the soul-eating Tree Devil. (1990)

[3] starring Tony Leung Joey Wang Jacky Cheung - Jumps ahead 100 years and the story centers on a new character, a monk played by vet Tony Leung. Ghostly vixen Joey Wang and swordsman Jacky Cheung return in similar but decidedly different roles. (1991)

The success of this series inspired a number of similar films including BRIDE WITH WHITE HAIR, GREEN SNAKE, GHOSTS DEMONS LOVERS, and, of course, the CHINESE EROTIC GHOST STORY series [which, in turn, spawned HOME FOR THE INTIMATE GHOST, LEGEND OF THE MAGIC DICK and SEX AND ZEN. In 2011, everything came fullcircle with Wilson Yip's lavish, sexy remake NEW CHINESE GHOST STORY.

Three Hong Kong films in Cantonese Chinese with English subtitles or English (dub) language; widescreen uncut versions (302 minutes total running time) in DVD encoded for ALL REGIONS, playable on any American DVD machine; Extras include full animated version, plus trailers.

Adult Material/Violence: Viewer discretion is advised.

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