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(081) PAT: A PECULIAR WOMAN (1982) XXX Alberto Cavallone
(081) PAT: A PECULIAR WOMAN (1982) XXX Alberto Cavallone

This is an Adults Only Motion Picture containing Hardcore XXX Scenes
The film and the images on this page are intended for Age 21 and Older!

original Italian title PAT UNA DONNA PARTICOLARE
also known as 3 PAZZI SCOZZETTI [Three Crazy Fuckers]

director Alberto Cavallone (as Baron Corvo)
starring Mika Barthel Joseph Fine Petit Loup Sabrina Alex Eusebi Dominique St Clair

Alberto Cavallone (behind the 'Baron Corvo' pseudonym here) was an anti-establishment filmmaker who notoriously pushed the envelope in the name of avant-garde cinema. Some studio insiders insisted that he was certifiably insane - a danger to himself, his crew and the Industry itself. As his projects became more bizarre and inaccessible, he ran into distribution trouble (see AFRIKA, MAN WOMAN AND THE BEAST, BLOW JOB, et al). This is the first film in his trilogy of XXX hardcore projects, followed by BEING CAPTURED [aka THE BABYSITTER] and SCREAMS OF LUST.

Here is [to put it mildly] one of the strangest 'adult' movies ever made. It is gonzo erotic, wildly offensive, and politically incorrect while managing to be oddly endearing. The characters are well-drawn, honest, fraternal. But they are also VERY fucked up. Ignore most of what you might read by Internet 'critics' who actually attempt to give a review of a movie in a language they don't understand.

Alberto Cavallone's movie is far more involved than the mere eye-candy it provides... There really is a substantive plot here. After cutting through all the hardcore sex and bizarre atmosphere, here is the inner working and comradery of a family of misfits [the gregarious older brother, his conniving drawf-sibling, and demure Pat... the foxy woman, with a peculiar secret, at the center of the action]. These three - as a 'protest' against their slut-of-a-mom who slept with any man she could find - concoct a plan to capture and kill aspiring actresses to prevent them from ever giving birth to dysfunctional kids like themselves.

Despite the makeshift editing, the cinematography by Maurice Arcean is jarringly good. He worked with Cavallone on all the major projects. Maurice was also cinematographer for Sergio Garrone during this same period, responsible for the look of movies like DJANGO THE BASTARD. Essentially, all the actors [including the notorious dwarf porn star Petit Loup] would gather together again for Cavallone's next film, the aforementioned BEING CAPTURED. The career of Alberto Cavallone stopped when he died from heart failure at age 59 in 1997 after years of illness.

An Italian film Hardcore XXX film with optional English subtitles; uncut 95 min,
Extras include various theatrical trailers

Adult XXX Material/Male and Female Nudity/Violence/
Drugs/Sexual Brutality/Culturally Insensitive Themes
For Adult Audiences Only 18+

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