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SCREAMS OF LUST (1984) [XXX] Alberto Cavallone Final Film
SCREAMS OF LUST (1984) [XXX] Alberto Cavallone Final Film

This is an Adults Only Motion Picture containing Hardcore XXX Scenes
The film and the images on this page are intended for Age 21 and Older!


original Italian title E IL TERZO GODE [An The Third Enjoys Too]
original German title: SCHREIE DER LUST [Screams of Lust]

director: Alberto Cavallone (as Baron Corvo)
Dominique Saint Claire Serwin A Hashvar Mika Barthel Franco Coltorti Alessandro Eusebi


This is the last movie for filmmaker Alberto Cavallone, directed shortly after his infamous BEING CAPTURED. It's a gritty, mean-spirited gangster story liberally speckled with VERY graphic hardcore (XXX) sex scenes and an intense torture sequence. The plot deals with a ruthless no-nonsense mobster boss named Sewan who is betrayed when Sandro and Dominique steal a drug shipment from him. He captures them and enacts his own brand of vengeance.

Alberto Cavallone (hiding behind the Baron Corvo pseudonym here) was an anti-establishment filmmaker who notoriously pushed the envelope in the name of avant garde cinema. Some studio insiders have insisted that he was certifiably insane - a danger to himself, his crew and the Industry itself. As his projects became more bizarre and ultimately inaccessible, he ran into distribution trouble (see AFRIKA, MAN, WOMAN AND THE BEAST, BLOW JOB, FEMALE BARBARIANS OF THE KON TRIBE, et al). This film - as well as BEING CAPTURED - feature French porn actress Dominique Saint Claire and Serwin Hashvar in the lead roles. Alberto Cavallone grew terminally ill after this production, dying ten years later from heart failure at age 59 in 1997.



An Italian/German film with optional English subtitles, fullscreen, 77 minutes;
DVD encoded for WORLD FORMAT NTSC, playable on any American machine.
Extras also include selected adult trailers.


Hardcore (XXX) Sequences/Male and Female Nudity/Drugs/Sexual Brutality/
Graphic Violence/Torture/Strong Sexual Situations
for Adult Audiences only 18+

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