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AFRIKA (1973) Politically Incorrect Albert Cavallone
AFRIKA (1973) Politically Incorrect Albert Cavallone

Insane Alberto Cavallone Cinema (director of MAN, WOMAN AND BEAST)

director: Alberto Cavallone
starring: Ivano Staccioli Maria Pia Luzi (as Jane Auril) Kara Donati Andrea Truglio Debebe Eshepetu

Insane cinema from Alberto-Cavallone, the filmmaker who spent a lifetime making a parade of outrageous, erratic movie for two decades (until his collapse in 1984). This one opens with the discovery of a woman, shot to death in an Ethiopian hotel room. It turns out that she is actually a male, and an inquest begins to unravel an ugly mystery. The result is an uneasy mix of exploitation and pseudo-psychologically hijinks set in a savage African landscape. The twirling story begins with a soldier at a roadside checkpoint mutilating a woman's breasts before shooting her in the groin with a machine gun. Professor Philip Stone had been stopped and ignores the brutal attack. He is on his way to a rendezvous with a woman who was once his male secretary Frank. Professor Stone is also married to Jeanne (played by Maria Pia Luzi, Cavallone's real life wife) but she is equally obsessed with gender/bender Frank while conducting a masochistic romance with her husband. Meanwhile, the boy's sister arranges for him to be raped by a gang of thugs after her mom disowns him.

Director Cavallone allows a racist tone to surface in this film. One of the characters says: "Africa's black because it's dirty" and - later - another character muses that a breast-feeding native mom is providing cappuccino to her baby. It's also obvious through the various plot-twists that Alberto Cavallone has little empathy for the homosexual cause here. He was later quoted as saying that if he had known Ivano Staccioli was homosexual beforehand, he never would have used him. Mr Staccioli had a long career in genre movies (usually as the villain), starring in 100 films since the early '60s. Initially, he made peplums (WAR OF THE ZOMBIES) and then a variety of Spaghetti Westerns under the pseudonym John Hester, some quality horror projects including DEVIL WALKS AT MIDNIGHT and the jungle actioner SAMOA QUEEN OF THE JUNGLE. However, he is best known for his outrageous SS Commandant roles in PRIVATE HOUSE OF THE SS and WOMENS' CAMP 119. Ivano Staccioli died from lung cancer, July 1995, at age 68.

An Italian film with English subtitles; widescreen format (small CSC Anti-Copy logo, bottom right throughout), uncut version (89 min.), DVD encoded for ALL REGION NTSC, playable on any American machine.
Extras include selected trailers.

Nudity/Sexual Brutality/Homosexuality/Transsexual Theme/Racism/Graphic Violence
For Mature Audiences

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