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Isn't Anyone Alive? (2012) (Sogo Ishii) Gakuryu Ishii
Isn\'t Anyone Alive? (2012) (Sogo Ishii) Gakuryu Ishii


original Japanese title: IKITERUMONO WA INAINOKA [Aren't there Any Living People?]

director (Sogo) Gakuryu Ishii
Shota Sometani · Rin Takanashi · Hakka Shiraishi · Asato Iida · Mai Takahashi


Several groups of people on the campus of a Japanese university are discussing a variety of personal concerns from an upcoming wedding to the arrival of a pop singer, a pregnant mistress to urban legends. Then, suddenly, events start happening that could signal the end of the world-- from students dropping dead to a horrific train wreck. Does it have anything to do with alleged virus experiments conducted at the university's medical school? Is everybody on an immediate path to the end of their life? In this dark satire based on the play by Shirô Maeda (Ikiterumono Wa Inainoka), Ishii's satirical conclusion is 'teenagers are superficial and maybe they should all die.'

Director Gakuryu Ishii [formerly known as Sogo Ishii] made a name for himself by introducing the Cyberpunk Wave to Japanese Cinema (see BURST CITY, PANIC IN THE HIGH SCHOOL, SOGO ISHII SHORT FILMS, et al). He evolved into a major award-winning filmmaker with the release of movies like LABYRINTH OF DREAMS and ANGEL DUST. This movie, made in 2012, was the first signed as Gakuryu Ishii [his birth name]. It also marked Ishii's return to cinema after a decade hiatus. His previous effort was a short film called KYOSHIN [MIRRORED MIND] in 2003. This movie would be followed by BITTER HONEY and PUNK SAMURAI SLASH DOWN.



A Japanese film with English subtitles; widescreen format,
uncut version (113 min.), DVD encoded for ALL REGION NTSC, playable on any
American machine. Extras include theatrical trailer,


Graphic Violence/Sexual Brutality
Recommended for Mature Audiences

Sale Price: $17.50
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