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Punk Samurai Slash Down (2018) Sogo Ishii | Tadanobu Asano
Punk Samurai Slash Down (2018) Sogo Ishii | Tadanobu Asano


original Japanese title PANKU-ZAMURAI, KIRARETE SORO [Punk Samurai Karate Slam]

director: Sogo Ishii (Gakuryű Ishii)
starring: Gô Ayano · Keiko Kitagawa · Tadanobu Asano · Masahiro Higashide · Masatoshi Nagase · Jun Murakami



Ko Machida’s 2004 novel Panku Zamurai Kirarete Soro was a huge Japanese bestseller. In the years that followed many cult filmmakers [including Takashi Ishii] attached themselves to the project. However, most everybody finally concluded that it would be impossible to make. But Sogo Ishii - Japan's original punk icon (BURST CITY, ELECTRIC DRAGON 80,000 V, DEAD END RUN, et al) - would not let go. He was like a dog with a slab of raw meat, making the 'impossible' happen.

On the obvious level, the story revolves around ronin Junoshin Kake (Gou Ayano), a wandering samurai who wants to become part of the Kurokaze clan. To do this, he fabricates a series of lies that should make him appear more valuable to leader Lord Kuroae. However, as his lies start to unravel, Junoshin soon finds himself in a dangerous position wedged between two rival factions within the clan. But this is only the foundation for an epic fantasy which involves warring monkey tribes, drug-induced showdowns, and the insanely dangerous antics of the Belly Shaking Cult. As the movie slips deeper and deeper into sheer chaos, it becomes even more surreal [complicated by a more intense smart-yet-maddening mixture of modern slang and the diachronic language of the samurai era]. But Ishii's eye-popping visuals - aided by Yoshiyuki Matsumoto’s exquisite cinematography - propel this movie into a vibrant dimension seldom achieved in the confines of live-action movie making. This is a masterpiece of wonder and awe.

Gakuryű Ishii (now known as Sogo Ishii) was born January 1958 in Hakata, Japan. He is a film director and writer, often credited for introducing the Cyberpunk Wave to Japanese Cinema. He also evolved into a major award-winning filmmaker with the release of motion pictures like LABYRINTH OF DREAMS and ANGEL DUST.



A Japanese film with optional English subtitles, uncut 130 min, widescreen,
encoded for ALL REGION, playable on any American DVD machine.
Extras include the original Japanese theatrical trailer.

Intended for Mature Audiences



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