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(125) NATIONAL MUMMY (1981) Jose Ramon Larraz rarity
(125) NATIONAL MUMMY (1981) Jose Ramon Larraz rarity


original Spanish title LA MOMIA NACIONAL (The National Mummy)

director Jose Ramon Larraz
starring Francisco Algora ∑ Quique Camoiras ∑ Azycena Hernandez ∑ J J Espinosa ∑ Adriana Vega ∑ Lili Murati



Notably the rarest movie in the Jose Ramon Larraz filmography, this one is a big departure for the sultry horror master. It's one of the few that he did not write, instead the scripter here is Juan Jose Millan (best known for penning MARTA and IN THE DARKNESS OF TERROR, both films starring Marisa Mel). At the time, Larraz had just wrapped a project in Great Britain [THE STUDENTS OF MISS OLGA] where he was complaining about archaic censorship problems he encountered in Spain during the shoot of ESTIGMA. But then his Spanish producer, Josť Frade, contacted him. The producer convinced Larraz to come home to helm a Certificate "S" Horror Sex Comedy as cinematic sexual freedom had become vogue since the death of Emperor Franco. Jose Larraz, jumping at the opportunity to thumb-his-nose at the establishment, made this film.

Popular comedian Francisco Algora portrays a wealthy archaeologist named Saturnino. The film opens with a visit from old friend Professor Don Felipe and his busty daughter Ana Mari [played by Azucena Hernandez, fresh from Paul Naschy's RETURN OF THE WOLFMAN and - incidentally - her father here, Professor Don Felipe, is a wolfman too]. They bring a huge box with them. Inside is a female mummy from the Upper Nile. Nobody pays any attention to the mummy curse ('The bandages must always cover her body') and soon, after getting fondled by a perverted dwarf, she comes alive, bent on slaughtering males. Of course, there's already a mummy and a werewolf, but then comes a Nosferantu vampire named Dr Vilaseca along with his bevy of vampire whores. Plus there's an axe murderer loose in the mansion! Ultimately, Jose Larraz is rough-riding a goofball film with lots of nudity, blood and politically incorrect vignettes. There something to offend everyone it seems, but Jose Ramon Larraz knows how to have fun.


A Spanish film with optional English subtitles; widescreen format,
(85 min.), DVD encoded for ALL REGION NTSC, playable on any
American machine. Extras include Larraz filmography.


Nudity/Violence/Sexual Situations/Rape/Sexual Brutality
for Mature Audiences

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