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Noisy Requiem (1988) first of Japanese X-Treme/Yoshihiko Matsui
Noisy Requiem (1988) first of Japanese X-Treme/Yoshihiko Matsui

original Japanese title TSUITO NO ZAWAMEKI (Murmur of Mourning)

director: Yoshihiko Matsui
Kazuhiro Sano Isamu Ohsuga Simon Kumai Yukiko Murata Mamiko Nakai Dan Oosuga

In the slums of Osaka, various misfits are engulfed in lives of sexual perversion, violence and cannibalism. This is a sprawling, unconventional story of moral decay, featuring numerous outcasts who have become a dire threat to society. At the center of director Matsui's disturbing film is a sex/serial killer named Makoto Iwashita (played by Kazuhiro Sano) beating women to death in the city's dark alleys. After bludgeoning his victims with a crowbar, Makoto then carves out their genitals and takes the bloody mess back to his rooftop 'apartment' where he stuffs severed flesh into the hollowed-out crotch of a mannequin stolen from a department store. This is grim cinema. It's easy to see why unexpecting audiences in 1988 reacted so strongly [even by jaded standards of today, this is extreme]. Once the Makoto Iwashita character is established, he serves as a guide through the equally shocking barbarous netherworld of perverts, dwarves and miscreants. There is a homeless man (portrayed by Isamu Ohsuga), caked with grime, dirt and shit, who carries his own masturbation log around with him. Plus the Makoto character spends a lot of time with two midget siblings, the sister - covered with disfiguring burn scars from childhood - is obsessed with fucking her brother. The audience is also introduced to a pedophile and his little girl child. There's lots more. Arguably, too much more.

And yet, despite the intentional in-your-face ugliness, the film is technically amazing. The black-and-white cinematography is jaw-dropping gorgeous, thus creating a very uncomfortable reaction from the viewer ["This is so incredible, unforgettable, but but ultimately toxic."] Underground filmmaker Yoshihiko Matsui took five years to make this movie. After initially writing the script, he took it to his friend, director Shuji Terayama (THROW AWAY YOUR BOOKS, PASTORAL, et al) who said 'if this is actually made, it would be a scandal.' Terayama died before Matsui finished and released the film. He was right. It was a scandal. But this film managed to actually hit theaters and it opened the floodgates for the other Jishu eiga (self-made movies) to follow. In its wake came Shinya Tsukamoto's TETSUO (1989), the first from Takeshi Miike LADY HUNTER: PRELUDE TO MURDER (1991), the cyberpunk PINNOCHIO 64 (1992) by Shozin Fukui, Katsuya Matsumura' ALL NIGHT LONG (1992) and all the rest.

A Japanese film with optional English subtitles; widescreen format,
uncut 150 minutes, DVD Package encoded for ALL REGION NTSC FORMAT.
Fully uncut version.

Nudity/Strong Sexual Scenes/Graphic Violence/
Drugs/Gore/Rape/Sexual Brutality/Perversion
Recommended for Adult Audiences

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