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Throw Away Your Books... (1971) Shuji Terayama rarity
Throw Away Your Books... (1971) Shuji Terayama rarity

original Japanese title: SHO O SUTEYO MACHI E DEYO [Throw Away Your Books and Go Out]

director: Shuji Terayama
starring: Hideaki Sasaki · Akihiro Maruyama · Keiko Nitaka · Maki Asakawa


Here is the first feature film from director Shuji Terayama (preceded by numerous SHORT EXPERIMENTAL FILMS). In this one, he models the main character after himself, a sexually frustrated teen who embraces cultural rebellion after running away from his dysfunctional family. He gravitates to political unrest and the call of a counterculture revolution by further rebelling against the mainstream society. In his chaotic journey, he meets a wide variety of strange people including a shoplifting grandmother and a girl obsessed with rabbits.
  As for the narrative itself, forget any linear plot. The past is mingled with the present; reality and fantasy are part of the same experience. Some critics praise the film as high art, while others dismiss it as junk. However, Terayama's message is quite clear: Don't watch this, experience life for yourself. Don't fill your head with bullshit, challenge everything.
Shuji Terayama was a poet, playwright, novelist, artist and filmmaker. International avant-garde art circles treat Mr Terayama like a god, but in the USA, his work remains largely unknown. Mr Shuji Terayama died from Nephrotic Syndrome, May 1983, at age 47. His experimental, radical vision continues to live through motion pictures [EMPEROR TOMATO KETCHUP, THE BOXER, FAREWELL TO THE ARK, et al] and through his writing.



A Japanese film with optional ON/OFF English subtitles; fullscreen format, (137 minutes),
DVD encoded for ALL REGIONS NTSC FORMAT; extras include original theatrical trailer.


Violence/Nudity/Language/Sexual Brutality
Recommended For Mature Audiences

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