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(222) THE KILLERS [Asesinos] (1968) Nick Adams/Regina Torne
(222) THE KILLERS [Asesinos] (1968) Nick Adams/Regina Torne

original Mexican/Spanish title: LOS ASESINOS [The Killers]

director: Jaime Salvador
starring: Nick Adams
Regina Torne Carlos East Pedro Armendariz Amadee Chabott Andres Garcia

Starring Nick Adams in his final role as Shannon, a stoic cowboy in a small border town besieged by a gang of killers. With the murder of the sheriff, Golden City has fallen under the control of the Nelson family, Joseph and his deadly sister Angela [another extraordinary badgirl performance from Regina Torne]. These two (and their gang) have driven off most of the law-biding citizens; however, some honest farmers remain - especially Sara King and her father - to oppose the Nelson's stranglehold. Meanwhile, bounty hunter Victor and his cohorts arrive in Golden City, lured by the high prices on the heads of Nelson gang members. But they are a wild bunch and soon start causing trouble of their own. Then arrives poncho-wearing, cheroot-smoking Shannon, finding himself squarely in the middle of a war.

Written by popular filmmaker Federico Curiel (NEUTRON, the NOSTRADAMUS series, VAMPIRAS, et al) and legendary scripter Ramon Obon Jr (LA LOBA, LATIGO [THE WHIP], ENIGMA OF DEATH, et al), this was an obvious attempt to duplicate the success of the European Spaghetti Western in Central America. Nick Adams [American cult star from the hit TV series THE REBEL: JOHNNY YUMA (1958-62)] does his best Clint Eastwood impression. He was slated to do a sequel but sadly died from a drug overdose in February 1968, before the release of this film, at age 36.

A Mexican/Spanish film, with optional English subtitles, uncut, 85 min, fullscreen,
encoded for ALL REGION, playable on any American DVD machine.
Extras include selected trailers.

Violence, Sexual Brutality, Rape, Sexual Situations
for Mature Audiences

Sale Price: $17.50
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