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VAMPIRAS (1970) Mil Mascaras & John Carradine
VAMPIRAS (1970) Mil Mascaras & John Carradine

original Mexican/Spanish title: LAS VAMPIRAS [Female Vampires]

director: Federico Curiel

starring: John Carradine Maria Duval Mil Mascaras Pedro Armendariz Jr Maura Monti

Wrestler Mil Mascaras tries to destroy a coven of vampires, led by the King of the Underworld (Dracula, under the alias Count Branus Alucard). However, Dracula has totally lost touch with reality and is stark raving mad [could there be a better role for hammy John Carradine?]. He must be kept in a cage while the vampire Queen desperately attempts to keep control of her coven. Mil Masacaras, with the help of journalist Carlos Mayer, invade the castle after a series of deadly attacks.

It probably seemed like a good idea on paper... to have a wrestling superhero named Mil Mascaras (A Thousand Masks) who changes headgear constantly. But in reality, it can cause unnecessary confusion, especially if there's more than one masked wrestler in the cast. It's almost necessary for him to enter the scene with an introduction as he's not recognizable from one moment to the next.

This movie was one of a handful made by actor John Carradine in Mexico at the time. He would travel the world, appearing in one film after another (he often mused: "Why do I have a house if I'm never home"). In fact, he made almost 400 movies between 1930-1995, dying of natural causes in Milan Italy at age 82, November 1988. His final films were the genre classics Gerard Kikoine's BURIED ALIVE, Lana Wood's DEMON RAGE, EVILS OF THE NIGHT and JEKYLL AND HYDE: DIABOLIC PACT, also made in Mexico.

A Mexican/Spanish film with English subtitles
; uncut (91 min)
widescreen format, DVDs encoded for ALL REGION NTSC,
playable on any American DVD machine.
Extras include theatrical trailers.

Violence/Drugs/Sexual Situations/SemiNudity
For Mature Audiences

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