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KRAI-THONG [Kraithong] (1980) Sompote Sands
KRAI-THONG [Kraithong] (1980) Sompote Sands


Original Thai title KRAITHONG [Krai-Thong]

director: Sompote Sands [Sompote Saengduenchai] with Neramit
starring: Chamnong Bamphensab Sorapong Chatree Duangcheewan Komolsen


Loosely based on South East Asian mythology about Malakas [the first man] and Maganda [his Eve], the story deals with a giant crocodile terrorizing the Thai rivers and countryside. This reptile is actually Shalawan, a humanoid devil-god capable of transforming from man into crocodile. When he's not swimming around devouring naked kids and destroying stick villages, Shalawan lives with his 'love slaves' (also lycanthropes) in an underwater cave. But Shalawan is causing so much trouble that the mayor decides to offer a bounty to anybody who can kill the evil reptile. The reward is twofold: riches beyond anyone's wildest dreams plus marriage to the mayor's two beautiful daughters. However, Shalawan soon hears of this travesty. He kidnaps one of the daughters, rapes her and levels a curse against her.

At this point, the hero Krai-thong enters the scene and sets off to kill Shalawan and - when given the chance - to rape the 'love slaves' as well. He parts the sea [just like Moses, see pic above, center] and enters the secret cavern where he defeats Shalawan [the crocodile god isn't killed because he promises to behave himself now]. Krai-thong also saves the mayor's kidnapped daughter, Thong. The hero marries both Thong and her sister Kaew, but the local witch doctor goes ahead and kills Shalawan despite the promise. Now - even though it seems like the movie is about to end - it doesn't. [spoiler alert ahead] Krai-thong starts thinking about Shalawan's 'love slaves' (especially the one called Vimila) back at the underwater cave and decides to go back.He returns, seduces Vimila and takes her back to the village to become his third wife. But the two sisters don't want to share. They order local villagers to rape the woman, hoping to scare her back to the underground lair. In the middle of the sexual assault, Vimila transforms into a crocodile and turns the tables on the rapists.

Many genre fans have already seen large chunks of this movie. Charlatan HK filmmaker Godfrey Ho recycled much of it for his cult-fave CROCODILE FURY. Thai director Sompote Sands helmed this movie shortly after his successful CROCODILE FANGS, thus beginning his career-long fascination with crocodiles.

However, it should be mentioned that - previously - he was involved with a couple weird productions, projects which were strange even by genre standards. Director Sands stole the Ultraman characters (from Japan's Tsburaya Studios) for his HANUMAN VS 7 ULTRAMANS resulting in a lawsuit that continues today. Then, year later, he took Kamen Rider characters from Toei Studios and made the totally outrageous HANUMAN VS 5 KAMEN RIDERS. While seemingly aimed at a youth market, the film includes nudity, gore, bondage, plus a villain that craves human blood to survive (not to mention a glaring copyright violation).



A Thai film, with English subtitles; 105 min, widescreen,
encoded for ALL REGION, playable on any American DVD machine.
Extras include selected Sompote Sands trailers

Graphic Violence, SemiNudity, Rape, Cat Fights, Sexual Brutality
Intended for Mature Audiences


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