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Crocodile Fury (1981) Vampires & Crocodiles against Mankind!
Crocodile Fury (1981) Vampires & Crocodiles against Mankind!

Vampires and Crocodiles Unleash the End of Times

Also known as: KRAITHONG

director: Godfrey Ho (as Ted Kingsbrook)
starring: Nick Reece Trudy Calder (Ling Chung) Sorapong Chatree Sophia Luck Lor Tuk

Sorceress Monica is ready to release her dreaded vampires on the human race. She has equipped these monsters with special demonic powers which will enable them 'to destroy every living thing on Earth.' To make matters worse, Monica has joined forces with Cooper, the master of the sea. He sends crazed crocodile (actually transformed female virgins who had lusty relations with their boyfriends) to wreck havoc on mankind. Only Jack, a man of the Old Faith, can end their evil plot of world domination.

This film was directed by Godfrey Ho (hiding behind the snooty Anglo alias Ted Kingsbrook). As discussed elsewhere [see listing for ANGEL THE KICKBOXER] Godfrey Ho developed his own unique style of making movies by snatching up footage from unfinished or unclaimed projects (usually originating in Indonesia or the Philippines), editing it with newly shot scenes, creating a coherent storyline [of sorts] and releasing it under his Filmark moniker. His producer throughout was the elusive Thomas Tang, a man who never granted an interview and never held a face-to-face meeting. Filmark released over 200 movies between 1973-1995 with directors like Henry Lee, Bruce Lambert, Chester Yang, Tommy Cheng, Victor Sears, Joe Law, Ed Woo - all of whom turned out to be pseudonyms for Godfrey Ho. In 1996, the Filmark Studio building in Hong Kong was destroyed by a disastrous fire, reportedly killing Thomas Tang. Or did it? Perhaps he didn't exists either. Maybe Godfrey Ho was Thomas Tang for all those years as well.

A Hong Kong film in English language with Greek subtitles; fullscreen format, uncut 90 minutes), DVD encoded for ALL REGION NTSC WORLD FORMAT. Extras include original theatrical trailer.

Graphic Violence/Sexual Brutality
for Adult Audiences

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