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Plastic City (2009) Anthony Wong | Jo Odagiri in Brazil Thriller
Plastic City (2009) Anthony Wong | Jo Odagiri in Brazil Thriller


director: Nelson Yu Lik-Wai
starring: Anthony Wong · Jo Odagiri · Jeff Chen · Milhem Cortaz · Huang Yi


Ruthless Chinese outlaw Ruda and his adopted son rule the pirated-goods racket in a Brazilian metropolis Liberdade. These two gangsters control the city from rival gangs to street hawkers, corrupt politicians to exotic dancers. A rift between politicians and the Mafia now threatens Ruda's power. He finds himself on the brink of loosing total control and decides to abandons his lifestyle and return to his roots, taking refuge in the jungle. When his son tries to find Ruda, he discovers an even more bizarre horrifying world.

Director Nelson Yu Lik-wai [born in Hong Kong (1966)] studied cinema at Institut National Supérieur des Arts du Spectacle Film School in Belgium. Back home after graduation, he soon became an important figure in the Hong Kong | China movie industry, initially as a cinematographer (for movies like the exceptional horror opus DREAM HOME) and, later, a director. His feature films between 1995-2005 were mostly documentaries dealing with dark counter-utopia themes (i.e., Neon Goddesses). In 2008, Nelson went to Brazil to start research for a new documentary dealing with the Mafia and its links to drugs, counterfeiting and prostitution. He became so enraptured that he decided to make a 'fictional' crime movie, shot totally in South America. It became this film.

The two stars, Anthony Wong and Jo Odagiri, were flown in from Asia. Much has been written elsewhere on this website about Anthony Wong. He has always been a favorite of genre fans since his breakout movie UNTOLD STORY. His co-star here is a mega popular Japanese actor, Joe Odagiri, who started his career as a superhero in the TV series Kamen Rider Kuuga (2000/2002). However, he quickly distanced himself from his youthful audience with the controversial PLATONIC SEX followed by Sion Sono's INTO A DREAM. Over the years, Jo has flirted with a variety of roles, but he is probably best known for SHINOBI and Maggie Q's WARRIOR AND THE WOLF.


A Hong Kong/Brazilian film; original widescreen format (16:9), uncut (118 minutes) in DVD encoded for ALL REGIONS NTSC, playable on any American DVD machine; in Chinese or Portuguese language with optional English or Chinese subtitles. Extras include the original theatrical trailer.



Graphic Violence/Adult Material/Nudity/
Rape/Sexual Brutality:
For Mature Audiences

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