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Zombie Fight Club (2014) Sex and the Living Dead CAT III
Zombie Fight Club (2014) Sex and the Living Dead CAT III

Joe Chien's perverse follow-up to his ZOMBIE 108

original Taiwanese/Chinese title: SHI CHENG [Zombie Tower]

director: Joe Chien (Chien Jen Hao)
starring Andy On Jessica Cambensy (as Jesica C) Michael Wong Candy Yuen Jack Kao Philip Ng

The zombie films of director Joe Chieng have polarized audiences. The traditionalists are offended by the overt sexuality, the grim sleaze and the excessively unflinching gore, while others - the fans of exploitation cinema - are attracted for the very same reasons. Simply, this movie, and its predecessor ZOMBIE 108, are not for everybody; both are deservedly rated CAT III [no viewers under 18 years].
A zombie outbreak leaves the residents of an apartment house fighting for their lives. These victims include drug-dealing thugs who suddenly [and painfully] discover their cocksucking whores are suffering from the zombi virus. Into that festive bloodbath comes a rogue police squad that plans to rob and wipe out the gang. Meanwhile, kindly chemistry teacher Wu Ming is holding a birthday party down the hall for his high school daughter but they are soon victimized by both the bad police team and flesh-eating zombies. After the first half of the movie (the tower assault), the action moves forward one year. Survivors Jenny and Andy have been captured by the schoolteacher-turned-tyrant. He is now living like a decadent Roman emperor, conducting gladiator games with kidnapped humans and zombies.

Andy On began his acting career with Tsui Hark's sequel BLACK MASK 2 in 2005. He would star in another 40+ high profile films including Sammo Hung's DRAGON SQUAD, Maggie Q's THREE KINGDOMS, and ANGEL WARRIORS. Jessica C established herself with David Chang's DOUBLE TROUBLE in 2012; she later starred in SPECIAL FEMALE FORCE. She and Andy fell in love during the filming of this movie. They married and today have one child.

A Taiwanese film with English subtitles (and some English language); widescreen format,
uncut version (96 minutes), DVD encoded for ALL REGION NTSC, extras include theatrical trailer.

Graphic Violence/Gore/Strong Sexual Themes/Drugs/Nudity/Rape/Sexual Brutality
For Adult Audiences Only

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