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Zombie 108 (2012) Category III / Rated X
Zombie 108 (2012) Category III / Rated X

Flesh Eating Zombies.   Graphic Gore.   Excessive Perverse Sexuality.
A Controversial 2012 Category III Film from Taiwan


director: Joe Chien (Chien Jen Hao)
starring: Yvonne Yao · Morris Rong · Sona Eyamble · Joe Chien · Josh-Hiyakawa Wilson · Po Tai Yao


There's never been a Zombie film like this one. Here's a (Category III / X Rated) cult film that not only delivers the goods in the flesh-eating department but also adds a new dimension of extreme sexual perversion to the mix.

The basic story deals with a nuclear disaster that unleashes a virus which causes the dead to revitalize with typical hungry fanaticism. The center of the outbreak occurs in District 108, a rough section of Taipei controlled by the underworld. The government quarantines the area and sends SWAT teams to evacuate civilians and wipe out the zombies. During the mayhem, the police soon cross paths with a violent Mafia gang; however, the two find it more reasonable to join forces against the growing league of monsters. Meanwhile - in an unexpected plot twist - a demented, sexual predator (played by director Chien himself) uses the impending chaos as a cover to snatch unsuspecting female victims. He keeps them chained in his basement where the pervert relentlessly tortures and rapes them. A young mother (played by model Yvonne Yao) has the misfortune to fall into his clutches while trying to escape the city with her daughter.


A Taiwanese film; Category III (Rated X), widescreen, uncut (88 min.) version, in Mandarin language with removable English subtitles, in DVD encoded for ALL REGIONS, playable on any American machine.


Adult Material/Nudity/Gore/Graphic Violence/Sexual Brutality:
For Mature Audiences Only

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