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GUNGALA: THE NUDE PANTHER (1968) Ruggero Deodato rarity
GUNGALA: THE NUDE PANTHER (1968) Ruggero Deodato rarity

Ruggero Deodato directs Jungle Girl Exploitation in 1968

director: Ruggero Deodato (as Roger Rockefeller)
starring: Kitty Swan Micaela Pignatelli Angelo Infanti Jeff Tangen Alberto Terrani

One of the very first films directed by legendary Ruggero Deodato (this time under the pseudonym Roger Rockefeller), produced a decade before his classic CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST. Officially, this one was released as a sequel to GUNGALA VIRGIN OF THE JUNGLE, but essentially it's the same story. More action and more nudity.. plus an ultra rare English language print! [Please note: this is a Greek release, in English with nonremoveable Greek subtitles.]

An insurance company, led by a wealthy English family, organizes an expedition to Africa to find a lost heiress who has been raised in the wild as 'Gungala' and one of the explorers falls in love with her.

An Italian film; fullscreen format, uncut version (82 min.), English language with nonremoveable Greek subtitles, DVD encoded for ALL REGION NTSC WORLD FORMAT, playable on any American machine. Extras include trailers.

Violence/Nudity/Adult Material:
Intended for Mature Audiences

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