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Sasori 701 Female Prisoner Scorpion (8 episode 2004 TV series)
Sasori 701 Female Prisoner Scorpion (8 episode 2004 TV series)


original Japanese (8 episodes) television mini-series SASORI JOSHU 701-GO: Rodo Obu Bisuto
[Female Prisoner Scorpion: Road of Beasts]

directed by Kousuke Suzuki
starring Takami Mizuhashi · Kanji Tsuda · Masato Ibu · Ryūji Harada · Natsuo Ishidō


Here is an action-oriented update of the legendary vengeance movie, JOSHU 701-GO SASORI. Based on Tooru Shinohara's original manga, this is the sweeping story of Nami Matsushima, sent to a women's penetentary on trumped-up attempted murder charges against a rookie cop named Kitami. As the series begins, she retaliates against Chief-Warden Gouda [skewring his eye with a spike] and escapes from the prison. Constantly aware "there's no freedom in the outside world," Nami is motivated by a thirst for revenge against the people who had betrayed her. She doesn't realize her biggest enemy is "the corrupt system called society."

Director Kousuke Suzuki has concentrated mostly on big-budget TV productions, usually for cable's powerhouse WOWOW. Here is the complete 2004 mini-series of 8 episodes starring Takami Mizuhashi as a character popularized by Meiko Kaji in the 1972 SASORI revenge pic. Despite a steady diet of TV work, Kousuke Suzuki also wrote and directed the cult pink films STOP THE BITCH (2004-09).



8 Complete Episodes of a Japanese TV sderies, with English subtitles; fullscreen format,
on two extended DVDs (total 220 min.), DVD encoded for ALL REGION NTSC,
playable on any American machine.


Recommended for Mature Audiences

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