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Bride From Hell (1972) Chou Hsu-Chiang ghost story
Bride From Hell (1972) Chou Hsu-Chiang ghost story

original Chinese title GUI XIN NIANG (Evil Bride)
Hong Kong Cantonese GWAI SAN LEUNG

director: Chou Hsu-Chiang
starring: Margaret Hsing-Hui Fan Yang Carrie Ku Mei Feng Chan Chang I-Fei


Young master Nieh Yun Peng and his servant take refuge in an old mansion when their journey is interrupted by ghosts and thunderstorms. During the night, he accidentally sees the beautiful mistress-of-the-house, Anu, reclining in the nude. She is humiliated by his indiscretion and fears that she will no longer be able to marry as a desirable virgin. To soothe her anxiety, Nieh Yun Peng agrees to wed her. He soon learns that his bride is the ghost of a woman who was raped and killed by one of his relatives 20 years ago.

Chou Hsu-Chiang was a Taiwanese filmmaker who enjoyed a career in martial arts/sword movies [in that country] before briefly joining with Hong Kong's Shaw Bros Studio in the early '70s. Interestingly, he was not given the opportunity to helm any of their kung fu movies. Rather, director Chou made horror films for the studio. These were traditional ghost stories in the mold of Chathay's HAUNTED: THE GHOST STORIES OF PU SONGLING, DEVIL'S SKIN and THE SPIRITS. This type of horror began to fade with the release of Shaw Bros' more graphic, gorier BLACK MAGIC a few years later. Chou Hsu-Chiang would return to Taiwan after this production where he directed only a couple more movies and retired in 1979.


A Hong Kong/Chinese film with optional ON/OFF English subtitles, fully uncut 80 min,
widescreen, encoded for ALL REGION, playable on any American DVD machine
Extras include theatrical trailers.


SemiNudity/Sexual Brutality/Violence

Intended for Mature Audiences

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