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Dead Curse (1985) Angela Yu Chien HK rarity
Dead Curse (1985) Angela Yu Chien HK rarity


original Hong Kong/Cantonese title MENG GUI PO REN
[Goddess of the Dead]

director: Biu Man Chang
starring: Angela Yu Chien · Chien Szu-Ying · Chow Fong · Fung Sau-Wai · Elaine Jin · Yuen Chi-Wai (as Maria Jo)


A police captain stops the ritual sacrifice of a young girl to the goddess Kali (spelled 'Carla' in the subtitles). He kills an evil witch in the process. But before the sorceress dies, she levels a death curse or him and his family. After the opening segment, the story advances four years to the discovery of three bodies in a creepy old house. This signals the activation of the death curse for the cop, daughter Mimi, his sister and her cop boyfriend Chiu. Lots of garish color, laser beams, foggy landscapes, weird superstitions, ghost/human sexual intercourse. General culture shock. Plus, in an I've-never-seen-that-before-in-a-movie moment, the tormented sister is chased down a flight of steps by a Sprite can [see pic, lower left].

This is the only film in director Biu Man Chang's cannon. Some sources insist it is a pseudonym for Ho Shu-Pui who made BLOOD RITUAL and PROSTITUTE KILLER. The lead actress is Angela Yu Chien, a former Shaw Bros starlet best known for THE CAVE OF SILKEN WEB and OILY MANIAC. She also starred in Jackie Chan's notorious sex comedy ALL IN THE FAMILY. Miss Chien died from cancer in April, 2000, age 57.



A Hong Kong/Chinese film with English and Chinese subtitles, uncut 90 min,
fullscreen, encoded for ALL REGION, playable on any American DVD machine
Extras include selected trailers.

Nudity/Rape/Violence/Drugs/Sexual Brutality
Intended for Mature Audiences

Sale Price: $17.50
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