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Thunder Cat Woman (1985) Uncut CAT III uncut rough version 18+
Thunder Cat Woman (1985) Uncut CAT III uncut rough version 18+

original Hong Kong/Chinese title LEI MAO DE NUREN
[Thunder Cat Woman]
also known as GOLDEN NINJA WARRIOR (Edited Version) [included on this disc as a bonus]

director: Lin Wan Hsing [original version] and Godfrey Ho [exported edited version]
starring (original names): Jenny Yang Hui-Chih Li My-Chen Tian Ming Ren Bai Ruo-Lon
starring (names for export version):
Queenie Yang Donald Owen Morna Lee Mike Tien Richard Harrisin [guest star]

Here is the original version of the film which was edited and released to the International market by Joseph Lai under the title Golden Ninja Warrior (both versions are included on this extended DVD). Despite a rather confusing introduction about Golden Ninjas and Red Ninjas fighting for some kind of magical ninja statue [which incidentally never appears in the movie], the story opens in Hong Kong where a Triad organization is running a prostitution racket out of a hotel. The girls are mostly kidnapped victims forced into whoring through brutal whipping and torture sessions [surprisingly graphic in the uncensored version]. Eventually the gang is broken by Detective Sherrie, a part-time model and martial arts expert known as the Death Fairy, and her partner Agent Michael. Sometimes - rather inexplicably - they transform into ninjas to stalk the bad guys, Mr Lau and his female ninja bodyguard Sakura. It seems Sherrie has an ulterior motive to her activities: she is an undercover Japanese Kung Fu Ninja attempting to avenge her father's death while trying to find the aforementioned statue.

Bottomline, this is wacky cinema. It's rather typical of other Godfrey Ho projects (CROCODILE FURY comes immediately to mind). And as gleaned from the description, this is not made for kids. It is rated Category III for a reason. There's a huge amount of sexual brutality [especially whipping and torture] mixed with a rather disturbing portion of rape and misogyny. Even good ninja Sherrie is captured and delivered to her father's killer for a closing round of torture and sexual assault. Seldom does a HK action film reach this level of S&M shock, reminiscent of Moon Lee's ULTRA FORCE: DEVIL HUNTERS.

Two Versions of a Hong Kong/Chinese film in English language, uncut CAT III 90 min | Edited Version 78 min,
fullscreen, encoded for ALL REGION, playable on any American DVD machine
Extras include selected Godfrey Ho trailers.

Graphic Violence/Nudity/Rape/Prostitution/S&M/Whipping/Sexual Brutality
intended for Adult Audiences

Sale Price: $17.50
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