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Crawling from the Mud (2013) Indo Shock Cinema
Crawling from the Mud (2013) Indo Shock Cinema


original Indonesian title BANGKIT DARI LUMPUR [Resurrected from the Mud]
also known as MUD GHOST

director: Irwn Ibon Baihaki
starring: Dewi Perssik
Febriyanie Herichan Robby Shine Awan Sogi


After nightclub dancer Shakir is raped and brutally killed by organ traffickers, her angry ghost rises to seek bloody vengeance from the mud-pit [where she was dumped]. Her heart had been sold to the hospital for a transplant to save the life of a young woman named Monica. She's in critical condition, suffering from an automobile accident that took her boyfriend's life (they were having hot-sex-while-driving, ultimately causing the crash). Monica does survive, thanks to the new heart. But Shakir wants revenge and she threatens to take back her heart if Monica doesn't help her.

This is an incredibly meanspirited film from scriptwriter-turned-director Irwin Ibon Baihaki. It was also a much-needed major hit for pop singer Dewi Perssik who had rather unremarkably starred in numerous genre films for Yoyok Dumprink (DEMON MERMAID GHOST, GHOST OF THE VIRGIN GIRLFRIEND, et al). Dewi has since decided to concentrate more on her singing career [some of her newer music videos are included in this DVD package] while putting her movie mayhem on a back burner.

Her costar here is Febriyanie Ferdzilla, now billed simply as Febriyanie. She plays Monica with a charming abandonment. While not a cute as she was in Rizal Mantovani's VIRGIN BEACH CREATURE (in her breakout role of Nining), she still lights up the screen.



An Indonesian film with optional ON/OFF English subtitles; widescreen, 77 minutes;
DVD encoded for WORLD FORMAT NTSC, playable on any American machine.
Extras include selected Dewi Perssik music videos and Indonesian trailers.


Graphic Violence/Rape/Gore/Drugs/Strong Sexual Situations
Recommended For Adult Audiences (Rated 18+ in Indonesia)

Sale Price: $17.50
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