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Virgin Beach Creature (2011) Rizal Mantovani! Monster Mayhem
Virgin Beach Creature (2011) Rizal Mantovani! Monster Mayhem

original Indonesian title JENGLOT PANTAI SELATAN [South Beach Jenglot]

director: Rizal Mantovani
starring: Debby Ayu
Temmy Rahadi Wichita Satari Anastasiya Kovba Febriyanie Ferdzilla

Bikinis run red as a group of young people attend a beach event called Tequila Sunrise. This movie is wonderful, turn-the-brain-off mayhem from the excellent Rizal Mantovani, director of WATERFALL OF PENGATIN, its Sequel and the CHANTING trilogy. The film is a sensory delight. Rizal's pacing and camerawork is impeccable, albeit a great excuse to show a lot of cleavage. Ultimately, here is a popcorn movie with a bunch of half-naked people getting slaughtered by a most unusual creature called a Jenglot.

What's a Jenglot?

It's an ancient [mythical] Indonesia fleah-eating monster that never dies but sometimes slips into hibernation as it awaits resurrection from a servant with magic words and a blood sacrifice. This film opens with such a scene as a creepy warlock revives a Jenglot and releases it into the sea (seemingly to protect the sanctity of the once-desolate beach). However, this is the weekend for the big Tequila Sunrise event and it's packed with partying young people who happen to be as beautiful as they are tasty.

An Indonesian film with optional ON/OFF English subtitles; widescreen, 80 minutes;
DVD encoded for WORLD FORMAT NTSC, playable on any American machine.
Extras include original theatrical trailer plus selected other Indonesian previews.

Graphic Violence/Gore/SemiNudity
for Mature Audiences

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