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Demon Mermaid Ghost (2011) Indonesian Trash Horror
Demon Mermaid Ghost (2011) Indonesian Trash Horror

original Indonesian title: ARWAH KUNTILANAK DUYUNG [Demon Mermaid Ghost]
also known as GHOST OF A MERMAID

directors: Yoyok Dumprink
starring: Dewi Perssik Entis Sutisna (as Sule) Saipul Jamil Pretty Asmara Afdhal Yusman

Linda and Ardo meet on a beach in Indonesia and fall in love. Ardo is delighted to have found someone like Linda. They marry and he purchases a beach villa for his bride. But unfortunately, the beach and the house are haunted by the spirit of a murdered woman named Ayshah. Since her death, she has become a mermaid-demon bent on finding and eliminating her killer. She has lost all empathy for humans, and as her blood quest heightens even innocent people like Linda and Ardo are at risk.

This is one of the most schizophrenic movies ever made, with a plot that swings wildly from a vengeful mermaid to a morbidly obese fag-hag, from crude titty jokes to a grotesque chainsaw killing. And director Yoyok Dumprink never stops to re-think his A.D.D. [Attention Deficit Disorder], rather he puts the pedal-to-the-metal and stays the course. In Indonesia, there are really two kinds of horror movies. Some are truly scary, impressive efforts that could easily stack up against the best horror from anywhere in the world (i.e., Mo Bros' MACABRE, MIDNIGHT SHOW, and most anything by Rizal Montovoni [CHANTING, WATERFALL OF PENGANTIN and it's SEQUEL]). On the other hand, there are a bunch of titillating 'trash movies' dedicated to cramming as much sexploitation and sophomoric humor as censors will allow (and sometimes, like with GHOST OF THE VIRGIN GIRLFRIEND, openly defying the law). Of course, it's all a matter of taste. Frankly, sometimes a hamburger is preferable to a steak. Regardless, it's probably obvious, this movie falls into the second category.

An Indonesian film with English subtitles; uncut (77 min)
widescreen format, DVDs encoded for ALL REGION NTSC,
playable on any American DVD machine.
Extras include theatrical trailer

SemiNudity/Graphic Violence/Gore/Strong Sexual Situations
For Mature Audiences

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