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Alan Smithee's FRANKENSTEIN (2015) (X) 2 Films German Magarinos
Alan Smithee\'s FRANKENSTEIN (2015) (X) 2 Films German Magarinos

Contains Disturbing Scenes of Sex
The film, including images and description on this page...


director: Germán Magariños
starring: Victor Melman (formerly Vic Cicuta) · Ramon Cordero · Leandro De la Torre · Hernán Panessi

A quiet town is terrorized by a rash of homosexual murders and Detective Rojas is sent to investigate. Meanwhile, Dr Frankenstein is using the corpses from the graveyard to create his super-man. His work is interrupted when Ron Hardon and fat (male) wife Adelaida seek the doctor's expertise in helping them conceive a baby. Dr Frankenstein realizes that Adelaida must have breasts to become a mother, so he operates accordingly. A bit later, Ron catches his wife having oral sex with Frankenstein and becomes angry. But his anger turns quickly to joy, when Adelaida is suddenly pregnant and instantly has a baby. However the baby dies and, when Ron can't afford another medical session, the couple becomes lethargic. Dr Frankenstein, decides to use Ron's body for his super-man experiments, killing him and then reviving him. But Ron is lacking the necessary super penis, so Dr Frankenstein sends monster-Ron on a mission to attack Detective Rojas [known to have a huge dick], rip his cock off and bring it back for an operation.

Germán Magariños has directed 30+ films since 2000, under a variety of pseudonyms including Roger Franco, Sean Cunnington, V. Lynch and Franco Fellini. His brand of cinema is instantaneously recognized, featuring gore, penis dildo shock, gay-themed brutality, racism and grotesque horror shenanigans. The John Waters-esque horror/sleaze is unapologetic, trashy, disgusting and downright offensive. Mr Magariños initially found International success with SADOMASTER, which also spawned a sequel SADOMASTER GENERAL MAYHEM. To date, his most ambitious films are [arguably] ZOMBI SEXUAL APOCALIPIS and LOS SUPER BONAERENSES. In 2016, he also directed a music video for the Argentinean punk band Vedette SS.

NOTE: The inside joke here is the Alan Smithee reference. In 1969, the Hollywood Director's Guild decided that if a filmmaker was so dissatisfied with his final project (ie, if the movie had been changed, altered or ruined in some way), he could have his name removed from the credits and replaced with Alan Smithee. German Magarinos - who never used his real name in the credits for any of his movies - is having fun with that pseudonym.


LA PERINOLA DEL HORROR [Perinola of Horror] (2015)
director: Germán Magariños
starring: Victor Melman (as Jose Mujica Marins) · Ramon Cordero (as Ron Hardon) · Nicolás Galvagno

First, to explain the title: a Perinola is a spinning object (see above center) used in predicting luck or the future. Secondly, director Magarinos made this film in the style of Brazilian filmmaker Jose Mujica Marins [aka Coffin Joe, known for his long fingernails]. The role of Marins is portrayed by Magarinos' regular star Victor Melman.

Chaman Jose has gathered four men together, each is seeking something. One wants to be a famous musician, while another wants to be attractive to women. This third desires the opportunity to travel and enjoy good food. And the fourth wants to have a son. Chaman Jose tells them only one of them will be granted a wish, to be determined by the Perinola. But first, they must undergo horrific, mind-altering depravation therapy.

Two relatively short (50 + 45 minutes) Argentinean films on one disc with English subtitles;
full screen, uncut. NTSC DVD format, encoded for ALL REGION,
playable on any American DVD machine.
Extras include Magarinos trailer.

Explicit Nudity/Violence/Rape/Drugs/
Gay Theme/Sexual Brutality
Recommended for Adult Audiences Only 18+

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