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LOS SUPER BONAERENSES (2014)X sleazy trash from German Magarinos
LOS SUPER BONAERENSES (2014)X sleazy trash from German Magarinos

Xtreme Gory, Sleazy Trash from Germán Magariños


Original Argentinean Title: LOS SUPER BONAERENSES [Super Buenos Aires]

director: Germán Magariños
starring: Vic Cicuta · Ramon Caribe · Julieta Grimaldo · Leandro de la Torre · Mariana Catanzaro


Xtreme gory, sleazy trash in the mode of SADOMASTER and SADOMASTER GENERAL MAYHEM (also helmed by Germán Magariños). This one deals with two cop partners who hate each other but find they must work together to survive the madness in a warzone of mutants and freaks under the control of a fat drug dealer and his brutal woman. The constant parade of grotesque sexual brutality includes a scientist and his deformed assistant creating a cyborg from body parts, a perverse pedophile who makes elixirs from baby brains, a nude female assassin smothering her victims with a prosthetic penis [see pic below center] , plus mutant cocks, male and female oral rape, fetishes, fart and gross-out humor, as well as constant dismembering splatter.

Germán Magariños helmed 30+ films since 2000, under a variety of pseudonyms including Roger Franco, Bruno Martell, Sean Cunnington, J. Rollin, V. Lynch and Franco Fellini. His brand is instantaneously recognized. The John Waters-esque horror sleaze is unapologetic, trashy, disgusting and downright offensive, usually concentrating on gore, gay-themed brutality, penis shock, racism and grotesque horror shenanigans. This particular project is often cited as being "a bit more coherent" due to the financial infusion from producer Valentin Javier Diment (best known for directing 2011's extreme horror film MEMORY OF THE DEAD).



An Argentinean film in Spanish with optional ON/OFF English subtitles; widescreen format,
uncut (83 min.), DVD encoded for ALL REGION NTSC, playable on any American machine.
Extras include selected Germán Magariños trailers.


Male and Female Nudity/Strong Sexual Brutality/
Drugs/Graphic Gratuitous Violence
For Adult Audiences Only 18+

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