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Who is Yukari Oshima?

Yukari Oshima [born Yukari Tsumura, December 31 1963, in Japan] became a stuntwoman with Sonny Chiba's JAC (Japan Action Club) in 1980. After minor roles in Japanese TV, Yukari changed her name from Tsumura to Oshima and moved to Hong Kong for a small part in Sammo Hung's "Shanghai Express" (1986). Another 25+ films followed. A marriage to actor Mark Cheng in 1991 ended in a messy divorce 5 years later. Ms Oshima started making more films in the Philippines and moved there in 1996 where she starred in another 20+ as Cynthia Luster. Yukari has since gone into semi-retirement, now residing in her hometown of Fukuoka, Japan, where she is actively involved in promoting tourism for her city.
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