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ALEXA BETWEEN TWO MEN (1971) rare Rosalba Neri thriller
ALEXA BETWEEN TWO MEN (1971) rare Rosalba Neri thriller

Rare Uncut Italian Version (with English Subtitles)


Original Italian Title: DUE MASCHI PER ALEXA [Two Males For Alexa]
also known as TWO MEN FOR ALEXA

director: Juan Logar
starring: Curd Jurgens · Rosalba Neri
· Juan Luis Galiardo · Emma Cohen · Manolo Otero


A young woman named Alexa marries Ronald Marveling, the wealthy father of one of her friends at college, but she soon finds herself falling in love with Pietro, another man closer to her own age. Mr. Marveling discovers the adulterous truth and is exceptionally despondent over the loss. He concocts a rather unusual plan to teach them a deadly lesson while also removing himself from the painful (albeit embarrassing) situation. Mr Marveling decides to frame his wife and her lover for his murder by locking them in a room at his remote, isolated estate... with his own dead body. As his body decays and the two lovers become irritable (and sick), shocking relationship secrets are revealed through flashbacks.

Curd Jurgens (billed Curt Jurgens in many International productions) was Germany's most popular actor, often drifting between the stage and the screen before finding International success in Roger Vadim's And God Created Woman (with Brigitte Bardot). That film introduced him to Hollywood and the world market. He was best known for his villainous role of Karl Stromberg in the James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me (1977). Mr Jurgens died from a heart attack in June 1982 at age 66.

Director Juan Logar (sometimes called Juan Logar Garcia) would make movies in both Spain and Italy. This one was an Italian production, but before and after he directed his two Spanish shock/gore films, the seldom seen "Trasplantede Un Cerebro" [Brain Transplant] and AUTOPSIA (1973). Juan Logar only made a handful of films, retiring from the business in 1981, but then returning to the director's seat thirty years later for "Aśn Hay Tiempo" [There's Still Time] in 2013.



An Italian film with English subtitles; widescreen format 16:9,
uncut European version (81 minutes).
DVD encoded for All Region NTSC World Format.


Sexual Theme/Violence/Nudity
for Mature Audiences

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