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APACHE WOMAN (1976) Rare Violent & Sleazy Spaghetti Western
APACHE WOMAN (1976) Rare Violent & Sleazy Spaghetti Western

Rare Spaghetti Western in English with Al Cliver and Yara Kewa

director: Giorgio Maruizzo (as George McRoots)
starring: Pier Luigi Conti (as Al Cliver) Yara Kewa (as Clara Hopf) Corrado Olmi Fran Marie Boyer

More sensuously sleazy than Spaghetti Westerns tend to get, starring exploitation magnet Al Cliver (THE ALCOVE, VIOLENT CITY, MURDER ROCK, et al). He's Tommy, a naive Calvary solder (a character similar to Peter Strauss' Jonas in SOLDIER BLUE) who falls in love with Sunsirahe, an Apache Woman. He initially rescues her from a gun smuggler named Honest Jeremy and attempts to escort her to safety. Trouble greets them every step of the way as Indians and white roughnecks both try to possess the woman. Eventually, Honest Jeremy and his gang track the lovers down. The result is a decidedly disturbing jolt of excessive brutality, rape and violence.

Director Giorgio Maruizzo (as George McRoots) co-wrote the story with filmmaker Antonio Raccioppi, a softcore specialist who helmed numerous films with Femi Benussi (ie, The Erotic Congressman). He also wrote many other scripts including ZENABEL for Ruggero Deodato. The director here, Giorgio Maruizzo, is better known as a scriptwriter, penning over 50 films (and still active today) but is especially associated with Lucio Fulci projects (eg, House By the Cemetery, The Beyond and Aenigma).

An Italian film, in English language; fullscreen format (1.37:1),
uncut version (86 minutes) extras include theatrical trailers.
DVD encoded for All Region NTSC World Format.

Sexual Themes/Nudity/Sexual Brutality/Rape/Violence
for Mature Audiences

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