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CHICKEN PARK (1994) Parody of Jurassic Park with Demetra Hampton
CHICKEN PARK (1994) Parody of Jurassic Park with Demetra Hampton

An Italian-Made Parody of Jurassic Park for Mature Audiences Only

director: Jerry Cala
starring: Jerry Cala Demetra Hampton Harold Davies Jeff Blynn Simone Canosa

Vladimiro has just arrived in the Dominican Republic with his fighting-rooster. Unexpectedly, his cock is stolen. While searching for it, Vlad discovers a new theme park full of giant chickens.

How can such a movie actually exist? Director, writer, star Jerry Cala sets his sites on absolutely everything but his aim is wild and unpredictable. Sometimes his film is funny, but sometimes it's woefully embarrassing. However (and please take notice if this) it is entertaining in an unabashed, fearless, lowbrow style. Despite the admittedly juvenile plot, THIS MOVIE IS NOT FOR KIDS. It is loaded with ribald, bad-taste, naughty (nasty) humor and does not shy away from nudity and sexual situations.

Jerry Cala is a standup comedian turned actor. In Europe, he is often called the "Italian Chevy Chase" after achieving popularity with his 'vacation' movies, beginning with Vaqcanze in America in 1982. He was also the star of the Professione Vacanze TV series (1987-89). For CHICKEN PARK, his co-star is American-born Demetra Hampton. She had left Philadelphia for Rome in 1988 after winning a competition sponsored by an Italian production company. She landed the starring role the erotic/spy TV series VALENTINA (1989-90). She went on to make the erotic KREOLA in 1993.

An Italian production in English language; remastered and restored; widescreen (16:9),
totally uncut version (98 min.), DVD encoded for ALL REGION NTSC,
playable on any American machine. Extras include theatrical trailers.

Sexual Humor/Nudity/Violence/Drugs
For Adult Audiences

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