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New Ghost Story of Yotsuya (1959) Classic Horror
New Ghost Story of Yotsuya (1959) Classic Horror

A Classic Ghost Story from Japan's Golden Horror Era
Japan's First Color Horror Film


director: Nobuo Nakagawa
starring: Shigeru Amachi · Katsuko Wakasugi · Syuntaro Emi · Noriko Kitazawa


Considered director Nobuo Nakagawa's masterpiece, loosely based on the 19th Century play written by Nanboku Tsuruya. This same story was also filmed two years previously as GHOST OF YOTSUYA by director Masaki Mouri. The story deals with rogue samurai Iemon who kills a man and marries his daughter. He grows tired of the girl and wishes to marry his wealthy mistress instead. Iemon tricks his wife into an adulterous affair at which time he kills both her and the amorous lover. The two return as ghosts and attack Iemon on his wedding night.

Visually, this is a stunning motion picture, one of the first color horror films in Japan. It established director Nakagawa as the Nippon Hitchcock. His films - including this one - were enormously successful because they appealed to both the high and low-brow audiences. Nakagawa was never reluctant to use buckets of blood nor gratuitous sexual situation, but yet his films could also be appreciated as two dimensional psychological dramas.


Shigeru Amachi also starred in LADY VAMPIRE the same year. Critics praised him for both features, calling him the new horror actor "bringing nihilism and tradition to the genre." Also see the GHOST STORY OF THE MOTHER TREE, GHOST CAT MANSION and GHOST STORY OF KASANE SWAMP for more classic Japanese Horror.


Japanese film; black and white; original widescreen format 16:9, uncut (78 min.) version, in Japanese language with removable English or Greek subtitles, in DVD encoded for ALL REGIONS, playable on any American machine. Extras include original trailer and bio information.


Adult Material: For Mature Audiences

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