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PANIC ON THE MOUNTAIN (1989) Pedro Galindo III directs
PANIC ON THE MOUNTAIN (1989) Pedro Galindo III directs

original Mexican/Spanish title: PANICO EN LA MONTANA [Panic on the Mountain]

director: Pedro Galindo III
Pedro Fernandez Adalberto Martinez Resortes Maria Rebeca Jorge Reynoso

Uncle Beto, his nephew Pedro and a local girl named Maria are members of the Treasure Hunters Union [whatever that is]. They decide to go looking for a lost treasure supposedly buried in a mine below the Tlalpujahua Mountains in Michoacan Mexico. Their lighthearted trek soon turns into a horrific adventure when they disturb a crazed monster obsessed with protecting the turf.

Pedro Galindo III made a career of directing action flicks and violent, bloody horror movies. Pedro is generally considered one of the best Mexican Grindhouse filmmakers, capable of delivering a quality motion picture with limited resources. This film was his first venture into the horror genre and - as such - is a mixture of chills and comedy. He is probably best known for directing the grisly slasher movie HELL TRAP or the sequel to the '80s hit VACATION OF TERROR. For the most part, his work is virtually unknown in the United States.

A Mexican/Spanish film, with optional ON/OFF English subtitles; uncut 90 min, widescreen,
DVD encoded for ALL REGION NTSC WORLD FORMAT. Extras include selected trailers.

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