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Thrilling Bloody Sword (1981) legendary 'Weird Asia' film
Thrilling Bloody Sword (1981) legendary \'Weird Asia\' film

original Taiwanese/Chinese title SHEN JIAN DONG SHAN HE [The Sword Moves Mountains And Rivers]

director: Chang Hsin-Yi [Chang Shin-Yi]
starring: Fong Fong-Fong [Fong Fang-Fang] Chang Yi Elsa Yeung Hsu Pu-Liao Sheng Chiang

Finally, a really good print of this legendary 'Weird Asia' film from Taiwan, it's great to actually SEE this remarkable movie.

In a cockeyed rendering of Snow White, a meteorite shoots into the queen's womb during childbirth, [somehow] resulting in a bright red gelatin egg to pop from her uterus. The king is horrified by the squishy thing and orders that it be banished, set adrift down a river. The egg is soon discovered by seven dwarfs [see pic, bottom of page, left] who decide not to eat it but rather wait for it to hatch. From this pulsating egg comes Princess Yaur-gi, raised by the dwarfs to adulthood. Meanwhile, back in the kingdom, there's an ugly cycloptic giant lizard wreaking havoc. Two magicians convince the king that they can kill the creature. They do kill it, thus winning favor with nobility. However, they are equally bad and cause chaos with walking statues and a multi-headed fire-breathing dragon [see pic, upper right]. Prince Yur-juhn decides to visit the kingdom and put an end to the terror. Enroute, he stumbles upon the dwarfs and the princess. The two fall in love immediately, but he must go to the kingdom and be heroic. She patiently waits for Yur-juhn' return. Soon, loneliness is overwhelming and Yaur-gi decides to trek off to the palace. But danger awaits.

Chang Hsin-yi was a pulp screenwriter of martial arts movies produced by the Taiwan movie industry of the 1970s. He wrote almost a hundred of them, including Lee Tso Nam's SHAOLIN VS LAMA and KONG FU WONDER CHILD with Yukari Oshima. He directed very few, helming 10 during a five year period (1978-82), mostly a collection of forgettable crime actioners. This one is an exception and - despite being almost incomprehensible - it has gained quiet a reputation to fans of Weird Asia cinema.


A Taiwanese/Chinese film with English & Chinese subtitles; uncut 86 minutes,
Extras include original theatrical trailer.

Not recommended for children

Sale Price: $17.50
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