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Interstellar Wandering (2020) SciFI Exploitation with Ju Lin
Interstellar Wandering (2020) SciFI Exploitation with Ju Lin


Original Chinese Title: XINGI YOUDANY [Interstellar Wandering]

director: Chi Cheng
starring: Ju Lin Xiao Yi-Teng Gao Zi-Gang Bai Chao


In the year 3000, humans turn to interstellar migration in order to survive against vicious space aliens. To facilitate space travel, a Chinese scientific researcher named Hai Lei develops a "curvature engine" but he and his invention are soon targeted by the alien forces. Hai Lei and girlfriend Nolan are suddenly hijacked by the resistance group Wanderer. After an escape attempt, they are inadvertently triggered into a time loop where - with the help of space mutants - Hai Lei and Nolan manage to bring order to the universe.

Produced and released on the heels of China's blockbuster hit WANDERING EARTH, this is a bold stab at cinema exploitation with sexy Ju Lin (born Fei Xia, in Zhejiang, April, 1996) taking the lead role as Nolan. The story is streamlined to mostly action sequences [although it's difficult to imagine the weapon of choice in year 3000 is still a revolver] and sex scenes [while daring and hot are still chaste by International standards]. But it's a wildly entertaining thrill ride that strongly capitalizes on the aforementioned SciFi hit.



A Chinese/Mandarin film
with Chinese and English subtitles, widescreen format, (74 minutes),
DVD encoded for ALL REGIONS NTSC FORMAT; extras include original trailer.


SemiNudity/Violence/Sexual Situations
recommended for Mature Audiences

Sale Price: $17.50
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