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Last of Mustang Boy (2008) Nam Gee-Woong mayhem
Last of Mustang Boy (2008) Nam Gee-Woong mayhem

Original Korean title SAMGOEORI MOOSTANG SONYUN-UI CHWEHOO [Final Stand of Mustang Boy]
also known as NEVER BELONGS TO ME

director: Nam Gee Woong (as Nam Ki Woong)
starring: Kang Hyun Jooney Ye Soo An Lee Sang Hoon Kim Byung Chun Lee Do Yun

There are two vastly different opinions regarding Korean director Nam Gee Woong and his films (TEENAGE HOOKER WHO DIED AND BECAME A KILLING MACHINE IN DAEHAKROH, et al). The late critic David Aaron Clark called him "an amazing Pop Culture genius" while James Kilroy wrote " an insane man with a movie camera making incomprehensible nonsense." Of course, the truth probably lies somewhere in between. But this latest opus from Mr Nam is truly a sight to behold, never to be forgotten.

The story - purposely poised in an absurd setting - is about Hwang Soo-yeon, the younger brother of a 'beast-man' named Taeyeon. It's also possible that Taeyeon doesn't exist at all, merely a figment of Soo-yeon's mind. There's also a sister, dressed in sexy vinyl, who is more a muse for Soo-yeon than a sibling (she also becomes his sex partner later in the film). This family and their mom have a country house where someone dumps dead animals on the kitchen table but the real plot deals with a group of gangsters who get angry at Soo-yeon when he orders two eggs for his soup at a noodle stall. They smash his fingers. He manages to take revenge with an operation that transforms his penis into a gadget that shoots bullets when he ejaculates (see pic, upper left).

A South Korean film with English subtitles; widescreen;
100 minutes; NTSC DVD format, encoded for ALL REGION,
playable on any American DVD machine. Extras include Nam Gee-Woong trailer.

Graphic Violence/Nudity/Drugs/Incest/Adult Sexual Themes
Suggested for Adult Audiences

Sale Price: $17.50
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