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Cannibal Mercenary 2 (1989) Bin Banleurit returns!
Cannibal Mercenary 2 (1989) Bin Banleurit returns!

Original Thailand title MNUS'Y KINKHN THHAR RABCANG [Cannibal Mercenary Returns]

director: Bin Bnleurit
starring: Bin Banleurit (as Black Direct) Sarawut Gengtooktang Audrey Laurie Lek Songpho

Once again, mercenary Leu is ordered by his Captain to form a team to invade the jungles of Thailand and eliminate a drug cartel including its criminal boss 'Bad Dog.' Of course, Leu is opposed to the mission ["I'm no longer in the military!" he claims] and is reluctant to lead a squad, especially after the bloody annihilation of his previous one [in CANNIBAL MERCENARY], but the money is attractive. Every team member has a reason to join the squad (from needing 300 000 baht for mother's surgery to getting a full mental health pardon). Since this is an unofficial mission, the unit can operate above the law to achieve its goal. But that also means they have no federal protection should they be compromised. Along the way, they are attacked by various enemies including hungry cannibals, responsible for Leu losing half his unit. He also offers protection to a group of strange migrants and falls victim to a virtual LSD trip.

This is virtually an unknown film, a sequel to an already buried actioner from the mid '80s that also starred Bin Banleurit. Like the original CANNIBAL MERCENARY, it's disjointed and unruly. It is expansive while being oddly claustrophobic. However, despite the eccentricities [or maybe because of them] this sequel is mandatory cinema for cult movie fans.

A Thai production with optional ON/OFF English subtitles; widescreen ,
fully uncut (79 minutes) NTSC DVD format, encoded for ALL REGION,
playable on any American DVD machine. Extras include original theatrical trailer.

Graphic Violence/SemiNudity/Gore/Drugs
Suggested for Mature Audiences

Sale Price: $17.50
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