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Whispers of the Dead [Bisikan Arwah] (1988) Very Rare!
Whispers of the Dead [Bisikan Arwah] (1988) Very Rare!


original Indonesian title: BISIKAN ARWAH [Whispers of the Dead]

director: Yopi Burnama
starring: Nina Karina · Latef Ibrahim · Putri Salbiah · Rachmat Hidayat · Rachmat Hidayat · Mr Oss


A retarded man named Parta - played by Indonesian comic Mr Oss [see pic,below center] - makes a deal with a witch. She agrees to transform him into a rich, attractive womanizer but (in exchange) he must promise to never marry and be faithful to only her. But Parta soon forgets his oath when he finds Eka, the girl of his dreams, and starts planning a wedding. They celebrate their engagement by hitting the sack and doing the nasty. But in the middle of their sexual union, Parta transforms into a disgusting snake-monster. Eka runs away but Parta continues to stalk her and destroy any of her new boyfriends, terrorizing the entire village with extreme bloody mayhem.

This is the legendary - seldom seen - fantasy shocker, still banned from television in Southeast Asian [essentially due to its anti-Muslim blasphemy]. Indonesian film critic Bru Sutara wrote: "The actors are very serious at their job. It should also be noted that the film incorporates martial arts, particularly with the seemingly indestructible villain beating his enemies into a bloody pulp. Let me remind you that this is not Oscar-nominated material. You can expect a lot of awkward sex scenes, frantic disembowelment, eye-gouging, neck-breaking, and kinky tongue-rape. BISIKAN ARWAH is highly recommended to those who love unnerving, awkward horror films from bygone era, films like QUEEN OF BLACK MAGIC."

Director Yopi Burnama, born in 1947, got into the movie business as an actor in the early '70s (under the pseudonym Jon Bierium). He switched to writing and directing a decade later. Over the years, he has often used an alias [making his filmography more difficult to compile]. For example, he used the name Ostian Mogalana when directing MYSTERY OF THE APE & HIS SIX MULTI-COLORED WARRIORS. Today, he has left the big screen for TV work. Mr Burnama helms the popular Indonesian series Angling Dharma, now in its 8th season.



An Indonesian film with optional English subtitles, widescreen,
uncut 77 minutes, DVD encoded for ALL REGIONS NTSC FORMAT.
Extras include selected trailers

Graphic Violence/Gore/Sexual Brutality
Recommended For Mature Audiences


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