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(061) BEACH HOUSE (1977) Jodie Foster's notorious Euro Sex Comed
(061) BEACH HOUSE (1977) Jodie Foster\'s notorious Euro Sex Comed

This Italian Sex Comedy is a Skeleton In Jodie Foster's Closet
Also See Her Equally Rare French Sex Comedy STOP CALLING ME BABY

Original Italian title CASOTTO [Beach House]

director: Sergio Citti
starring: Jodie Foster Paolo Stoppa Ugo Tognazzi Catherine Deneuve Carlo Croccolo Franco Citti

This ultra-rare film captures a virtually unknown period in actress Jodie Foster's career. Here is an Italian sex comedy starring Ms Foster, never released in the United States - nor any other English-speaking country (also see her French sex coming-of-age comedy from the same period STOP CALLING ME BABY). Most of the film is set inside cabana No.19, a large public changing room along a stretch of beach outside of Rome. The omnibus plot deals with numerous side-stories including a macho soldier who stuffs his speedo swim-trunks with tissues in an attempt to hide his thimble-size genitalia; a peep hole which allows the audience to watch the naked girls' swim team in the adjoining cabana; a priest with a double penis (see pic below, center); two whores who attempt to seduce a chasity-belt-wearing insurance agent. Of course there's also 15 year-old Jodie Foster... she plays bikini-clad Teresina, a pregnant jail-bait teen whose family is trying to find a husband for her.

By age six, Jodie Foster had appeared in 100 TV commercials and ad promotions (she was the iconic model for Coppertone Suntan Lotion). She would also appear in a lengthy list of television shows between 1966-76, often as a nondescript kid in My Three Sons or The Partridge Family but she also landed regular positions on other show (i.e., Gunsmoke, 3 times). Jodie finally became 'an overnight sensation' in 1976 with her role as Iris, the teen prostitute, in Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver. But with the notoriety also came controversy.

Hollywood didn't know what to do with instant 'underage sex star.' Plus it became obvious that Jodie had picked up some dangerous stalkers [one of them, Richard Hinkley, attempted to assassinate President Ronald Regan calming he was doing it "to impress Jodie Foster"].

Her management company purposely sent Jodie to work in Europe, to take her out of the spotlight until she would reach legal age in the States. In Italy, where 'age of consent' is much lower, the studios relished the idea of making movies with this new Lolita sex star. Neither of her Euro films [this one nor STOP CALLING ME BABY] would get released in the United States. Once Jodie reached 18 years of age, Hollywood welcomed her back with the American film FOXES in 1980.

Director Sergio Citti is best known as Pier Paolo Pasolini's longtime assistant director, as well as the co-writer of SALO: 120 DAYS OF SODOM.

An Italian film in English language; totally uncut 96 min, widescreen,
Extras include selected theatrical trailers

Male and Female nudity/Strong Sexual Situations
For Matures Audiences

Sale Price: $17.50
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