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TRAUMA (2017) Lucio Rojas | Xtreme Horror Cinema
TRAUMA (2017) Lucio Rojas | Xtreme Horror Cinema

Even beyond the Extremes of The Serbian Film

Contains Disturbing Scenes of Sex and Violence
The film, including images and description on this page...

original Chilean title TRAUMA: EL MAL REQUIERE LEALTAD [Trauma: Evil Requires Loyalty]

director: Lucio A. Rojas
starring: Catalina Martin Daniel Antivilo Macarena Carrere Ximena Del Solar

During a visit to a rural section of Chile, four female friends are brutally attacked by a man and his son. Three of the four women survive the ordeal and manage to escape to a nearby town where they convince two policemen to investigate and make an arrest. Upon arrival, they discover that Juan and his boy have since kidnapped a little girl and are inflicting vicious tortures. But the police are outsmarted by the two psychos, resulting in an orgy of blood and violence.

Obviously influenced by the new wave of Extreme International Horror, this one manages to up-the-anty established by THE SERBIAN FILM and MELANCHOLY OF ANGELS. Notice: this film is definitely not for everyone. It could be the most graphic, the most intense, the most brutal movie ever made.

A Chilean/Spanish film with English subtitles; widescreen uncut (110 min.);
for ALL REGIONS, playable on any American DVD machine.
Extras include original theatrical trailer

Extreme Violence/Nudity/Torture/Gore/Sexual Brutality
for Adult Audiences Only 18+

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