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(633) SUBCONSCIOUS (2010) "Scary As Hell" Horror Journey
(633) SUBCONSCIOUS (2010) \"Scary As Hell\" Horror Journey

"The film is diabolically unique on every level...
One of The Scariest European Horror Movies"
--Top Found Footage Films

director: Chris Petropoulos
starring: Fanis Katrivesis Danijela Radovanovic

Written, directed and produced by Chris Petropoulos, this mind-bending 'found footage' cult film was shot in parts of Greece and Serbia. At the center of the story is a young man, Fanis. He has recently lost his family in an accident and, ever since, he's been plagued with nightmares about a religious shrine hidden deep in a forest. Lately, Fanis has started meeting women online - believing that, somehow, it will help him uncover the truth about his dreams - but the dates have ended in disaster. Now, he is set to meet an Eastern European named Natalie. Fanis purchases a camcorder to document his new adventure. Basically, this film starts when he picks up the girl and it continues as they ride his in car towards a remote cabin in the woods. Of course the camcorder captures the journey including the first-date jitters and the unique character development, but it also creates a profound and foreboding atmosphere which leads this couple to the cabin and the resulting horrific conclusion.

Without a doubt, the found-footage horror genre began with Blair Witch Project in 1999. Over 400 such films have been produced since that time to various degrees of success (with Cloverfield, NOREI THE CURSE, Paranormal Activity, and the.REC series, proving to be the most popular). But the concept was around before Blair Witch. Arguably, the first was 1980's CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, followed by other notable projects like THESIS and GUINEA PIG. Many of the contemporary found-footage films are sub-quality productions and barely worth the mention. However, many critics agree that Chris Petropoulos' SUBCONSCIOUS is "highly original and scary as hell" (according to the 13th Floor blog).

A Greek production with English subtitles and much English language; widescreen (1.85:1),
Uncut version (76 min.), encoded for ALL REGION NTSC, playable on any American DVD machine;
extras include original trailer.

Violence/Sexual Brutality
Intended for Mature Audiences Only

Sale Price: $17.50
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