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Blood Ties (2009) possessed girl seeks bloody vengeance
Blood Ties (2009) possessed girl seeks bloody vengeance

Debut film for director of Twisted Love

Original Singapore Chinese Title: HUAN HUN (Hey!)

director: Chai Yee Wei
starring: Joey Leong Cheng Pei Pei David Liang Kenneth Tsang Vincent Tee

At the heart of this film lies the Chinese notion that when a person dies, the soul returns on the 7th night. Specifically for this story, a policeman named Shun is betrayed by his boss resulting in the vicious murder of both him and his wife by a crime syndicate. On the seventh night, Shun returns to possess the body of his young 13 year old sister to exact brutal vengeance on those who killed him.

Here is the debut feature from Chai Yee Wei, based on his short film (13 minutes) from the previous year. He would making TWISTED LOVE next, a controversial film which also starring the young actress Joey Leong.

A Singapore/Chinese with English subtitles;
widescreen format (16:9), 97 minutes, encoded for ALL REGION NTSC,
extras include theatrical trailer

Graphic Violence/Gore/Sexual Brutality
for Mature Audiences

Sale Price: $17.50
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