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(764) BABY DOLL MURDERS (1993) L.A. Women in a Murder Frenzy
(764) BABY DOLL MURDERS (1993) L.A. Women in a Murder Frenzy

One of Paul Leder's Final Films

also known as FRIA ASSASSINA [Killer Fury]

director: Paul Leder
starring: Jeff Kober John Saxon Melanie Smith Bobby DiCiccio Eileen Seeley

This is the rare, uncut version of Paul Leder's film (running 8 minutes longer than the USA print).

The story deals with a mysterious serial killer raping and murdering young women in Los Angeles, leaving a baby doll with each of the mutilated bodies. Rogue detective Louis Benz is convinced that a recently released criminal named Larry Brown is responsible. Louis harasses the ex-con until getting slapped with harassment charges. Suspended from the force, he continues investigating, and finds that each victim was a patient of a Beverly Hills doctor...

Director Paul Leder was a former actor and singer on Broadway (best known for co-starring with Phil Silvers in the musical Top Banana). After the revival of Gay Paree closed in 1969, he decided to try filmmaking. Paul financed and helmed a low budget, controversial pedophile thriller POOR ALBERT AND LITTLE ANNIE that found success in the 1971 Drive-In circuit. After that film he went to Korea for GREAT COUNTERATTACK OF KING KONG. Another 20+ movies followed until poor health forced his retirement in early 1996. Mr Leder died from lung cancer in April of that year. His daughter, Mimi Leder, is a successful television director having helmed many episodes of both Shameless and Leftovers (which she also produced).

An American film in English language; fullscreen format, fully uncut (90 minutes),
DVD encoded for ALL REGION NTSC WORLD FORMAT; extras include theatrical trailer

Graphic Violence/Gratuitous Nudity/Rape/Sexual Brutality
For Adult Audiences

Sale Price: $17.50
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