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(834) 'TIS PITY SHE'S A WHORE (1971) Charlotte Rampling
(834) \'TIS PITY SHE\'S A WHORE (1971) Charlotte Rampling

Young Charlotte Rampling in Lavish Tale of Incest
based on Elizabethan Play by John Ford


alternate Italian title: ADDIO CRUELDAD FRATERNA [Goodbye Cruel Brother]

director: Giuseppe Patroni Griffi
starring Charlotte Rampling · Oliver Tobias · Fabio Testi · Antonio Falsi · Angela Luce · Rik Battaglia


Here is the story - based on John Ford's often censored Jacobean tragedy - of a passionate and romantic love between brother and sister, Giovanni (played by Oliver Tobias) and Annabella (Charlotte Rampling), which results in explosive violence when pregnant Annabella marries an arrogant nobleman named Soranzo (Fabio Testi).
   This film is considered "one of the great unknown treasures of cult cinema." A history of censorship - mostly due to the incest theme and abundance of nudity - has plagued the motion picture since its initial release in 1971. Based on the play by Shakespeare's contemporary John Ford, it defies a distinction between exploitation and art.
   After a series of (restrictive) British television performances, Charlotte Rampling made the decision to embrace the new wave of edgy motion pictures by accepting the starring role (with Franco Nero) in Gianfranco Mingozzi's ISLAND OF CRIME. She followed that film with Luchino Visconti's arthouse Nazi debauchery The Damned and then with this brave movie from Giuseppe Patroni Griffi. Miss Rampling is still active today (recently appearing in Jennifer Lawrence's Red Sparrow) but cult fans know her best for the controversial French film THE IMMORTAL in 2004.

An Italian film in English Language; fullscreen format, uncut version (93 minutes),
DVD encoded for ALL REGION NTSC; extras include selected trailers


Incest/Strong Sexual Themes/Nudity/ Violence/Sexual Brutality
For Adult Audiences

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