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(973) BONDAGE GLADIATOR SEXY (1963) Giorgio Ferroni!
(973) BONDAGE GLADIATOR SEXY (1963) Giorgio Ferroni!

That this movie was ever made is an absolute miracle. Enjoy it.

Original Italian Title: SERVITU GLADIATORE SESSO [Bondage Gladiator Sexy]
also known as LE BACCANTI and BACCHAE [The Bacchantes]

director: Giorgio Ferroni
starring: Taina Elg Pierre Brice Alessandra Panaro Alberto Lupo Akim Tamiroff Raf Mattioli

The god Dionysus comes back to Earth - to Thebes, precisely - to visit the home of his late mortal mother. But he walks into a scorched, barren land ravaged by a drought which has caused a firestorm of hate, fear, and discontent. He is also surprised to learn that the ruling dynasty has forbidden the worship of any god except Demetri (who seems to be ignoring them). King Pentheus has decided to take extreme measures to bring rain to his land; he is willing to catch goddess Demetri's attention by offering a human sacrifice to her. It is decided that a young temple virgin named Manto will be slaughtered on the altar. Jealous Dionysus demands to be worshiped instead. Even though Pentheus spurns him, Dionysus wins over the populace - especially the young people - with gifts of magical wine and ecstatic orgies. He also wins the love of beautiful Dirce, a young woman who had been promised as a bride to King Pentheus. The whole thing escalates into a battle between the gladiators and the female army of Dionysus inside the sacred caves.

After the International success of MILL OF THE STONE WOMAN, director Giorgio Ferroni was given a pile of cash and a green light to make whatever film he desired. This result was this fever-dream, an excursion into intellectual camp which is virtually unparalleled in the annals of cinema. Here is a sword-n-sandal version of Euripides' challenging Greek tragedy, infused with other Thedan myths, Italian folklore (including the struggle of thwarted young lover), obvious references to the hippie counter-culture, punctuated startling dance sequences choreographed by American filmmaker Herbert Ross who later directed Footloose. That this movie was ever made is an absolute miracle. Enjoy it.

An Italian film with English subtitles; widescreen format (16:9), uncut (98 minutes), DVD encoded for ALL REGION NTSC WORLD FORMAT; extras include selected theatrical trailers.

Violence/Semi-Nudity/Sexual Situations/
Recommended for Adult Audiences

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