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Eyecatch Junction: MiniPatrol (1991) Takashi Miike's FIRST film!
Eyecatch Junction: MiniPatrol (1991) Takashi Miike\'s FIRST film!

Takashi Miike's Very First Film
Mega Rare with English Subtitles!


Original Japanese Title: MINIPATO TAI AIKYACCHI JANKUSHON [Mini-patrol: Eyecatch Junction]

director: Takashi Miike
starring: Aiku Asano · Minako Fujimoto · Daisuke Nagakura · Hiroko Nakajima · Buu Takagi


Inspired by the popularity of Japanese Girl-Cop television programs like Dispatch! Mini Skirt Police [Shut-sudo! Min-Suka Police], this film mixes the innocence of that genre with unexpected brutal violence. Two female cops, Makoto and Atsuko, are assigned mostly to parking ticket duty until - one day - their boss decides she's had enough and gets the idea of forming a secret female detective team called Eyecatch Junction. It’s not long before the ladies [while investigating a case of stolen underwear] stumble across a terrorized prostitute who ends up dead the next day. This event leads them to a sadistic yakuza boss and his ring of college girl whores. The two young cops go undercover to discover the truth behind the prostitutes and a rash of sex murders.

Today, Takashi Miike is one of the most successful filmmakers in the world, certainly the most prolific. Often, his 1995 film, SHINJUKU TRIAD SOCIETY, is listed as his first production. But this is far from the truth. While Miike's early films are much more elusive, they do exist. Here is his very first one. From 1991, this is a long-lost, trashy Sukeban movie. Like another film from the period, HUMAN MURDER WEAPON, it's a celebration for Miike fans everywhere.



A Japanese film with English subtitles; fullscreen format (4:3), uncut (93 minutes), DVD encoded for ALL REGION NTSC WORLD FORMAT; extras include Miike theatrical trailers.


Nudity/Graphic Violence/Sexual Brutality/Sexual Fetish Behavior
recommended for Mature Audiences

Sale Price: $19.50
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