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943 Sun Scarred (2006) Takashi Miike's 'Death Wish'
943 Sun Scarred (2006) Takashi Miike\'s \'Death Wish\'

Takashi Miike's Adaptation of Death Wish
Available for the First Time With English Subtitles

Original Chinese Title: TAIY NO KIZ [Scarred by the Sun]

director: Takashi Miike
starring: Sho Aikawa Aiko Sata Ken'chi Endo Sei Hiraizumi Hiroshi Katsuno Toru Kazama

It's Katayama birthday. He's just left the train-station and he is hurrying home to see his wife and little girl, Ayano. But, on the way, Katayama stumbles upon a youth gang beating up a homeless man. Katamaya decides to help the stranger and gets involved in a vicious scrimmage. This was a bad decision because the leader of the gang retaliates by kidnapping and killing his daughter. The Media begins painting Katayama as a thug himself and his wife soon commits suicide. Three years later, after learning the killer has been released from Juvenile Detention, Katayama decides to take the law into his own hands.

Legendary Japanese director Takashi Miike delivers his own version of DEATH WISH. The similarities are notable, even down to casting a notorious 'tough-guy' with a similar screen persona in the lead role. As with the famous Michael Winner series, the vigilante here is also stimulated into action from the loss of his daughter and wife. Incidentally, both Katayama and Paul Kersey have the same contractor occupation. The big difference between this film and Death Wish, lies in how the villains are teenagers protected by loopholes in the law and how they are using the Internet to organize into a faceless violent force against society.

A Japanese production with English subtitles; widescreen format (16:9), uncut (116 minutes), DVD encoded for ALL REGION NTSC WORLD FORMAT; extras include original theatrical trailer.

Adult Material/Graphic Violence/Sexual Brutality
Recommended For Adult Audiences

Sale Price: $19.50
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