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LIBIDO (1965) rare Ernesto Gastaldi early Euro Thriller
LIBIDO (1965) rare Ernesto Gastaldi early Euro Thriller

Rare Beautiful Print of One of the Very First Giallos


Original Italian Title:
LIBIDO [Enigma]

director: Ernesto Gastaldi and Vittorio Salerno (as Julian Berry and Victor Storff)
starring: Ciancarlo Gianni · Mara Maryl · Dominique Boschero · Luciano Pigozzi (as Alan Collins)


Christian (Giancarlo Giannini in his first project) returns to his childhood house by the sea. His fiancée and a friend couple has come along. As a child, Christian saw daddy kill a mistress before committing suicide over the cliff. He has lived with a horrible trauma since that event and Christian hopes to finally overcome the nightmare by confronting the old house. However, once back, he is faced with weird events that seem to indicate that his father is still alive.

This is one of the very first Giallos, directed in 1965 by scripters Ernesto Gastaldi and Vittorio Salerno. Ernesto would go on to become the premier genre screenwriter with over 125 scripts turned into movies over the next 40 years. During his career, he delivered such classics as ALL THE COLORS OF THE DARK, CASE OF THE BLOODY IRIS (What are the Drops of Blood Doing on the Body of Jennifer?) and DEVIL WALKS AT MIDNIGHT; he also directed LONELY VIOLENT BEACH based on his own story. He was (as is) married to Mara Maryl who starred in both that film and this one.


An Italian Film with English subtitles; widescreen format (16:9), black and white, uncut (87 minutes), DVD encoded for ALL REGION NTSC WORLD FORMAT; extras include original theatrical trailer


Adult Material/Violence/Drugs/Sexual Brutality
Recommended For Adult Audiences

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