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065 FRENCH SEX MURDERS (1972) Fully Uncut 89 min
065 FRENCH SEX MURDERS (1972) Fully Uncut 89 min

Rosalba Neri, Evelyn Kraft, Barbara Bouchet!

Original Italian Title:
CASA D'APPUNTAMENTO [Appointment House]
also known as MURDER IN PARIS and

director: Ferdinando Merighi (as M. L. Morris)
starring: Anita Ekberg Rosalba Neri Evelyn Kraft Barbara Bouchet Howard Vernon Robert Sacchi

The title is accurate. There's a serial sex-killer in Paris who seems to be targeting girls from a certain brothel. Besides that, director Merighi includes a suicide from the Eiffel Tower, insane professors, an eyeball thief, an inspector who looks and sounds like Humphrey Bogart (for no apparent reason), and an impressive lineup of Euro-stars including Evelyn Kraft (DEADLY ANGELS and GOLIATHON), Barbara Bouchet (AMUCK! and DON'T TORTURE A DUCKLING) and Rosalba Neri (THE BEAST KILLS IN COLD BLOOD and TOP SENSATION). Rosalba even sings a song in a nightclub.

The producer was Dick Randall, an American exploitation magnate who took residence in Rome in the '60s and orchestrated numerous movie deals (often with Rosalba Neri) from LOVERS OF THE DEVIL to THE GIRL IN ROOM 2A. Mr Randall died from a stroke at age 70 in May 1996 in London. The editor for this motion picture was genre kingpin Bruno Mattei and the special effects were handled by Oscar winner Carlo Rambaldi (of ET fame). The director Ferdinando Merighi (behind the F. L. Morris alias) was known for his work as an assistant director (IN THE FOLDS OF THE FLESH and CRY OF THE PROSTITUTE). He helmed only one other movie, a low-budget Spaghetti Western They Called Him Trinity, which - incidentally - had no character named Trinity.

An Italian Film in English language; widescreen format (16:9), uncut (90 minutes), DVD encoded for ALL REGION NTSC WORLD FORMAT; extras include original Italian theatrical trailer.

Adult Material/Graphic Violence/Nudity/Prostitution/Sexual Brutality
Recommended For Adult Audiences

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